A downloadable game

Name: Dragon quest I remake

Designer: Quohelet (Also name XxXhelazz)

Program used: RPG MAKER VX ACE

state of the game: completed.

Genre: Old school

history by: Enix

Nelderson, Ekras, Sojabird, Yanfly, Gexrox, Woratana, Fridgecrisis,
StorymasterQ, Synthesize, Ty, Diedrupo, Night5h4d3.GEXROX, Vlue L. Maynara, Jet10985, Woratana, Moghunter, IXFURU, João Neto and Khas.

Dragon's Den

Graphics: Tiles are from a dragon quest pack you can find on the internet. Monsters are from another pack. Characters are from another pack xDD.

music composers: koichi sujiyama, windir, Yasunori mitsuda and Nobuo utematsu.

game lenght: 5-7 hours


The game begins when the player assumes the role of a stranger who arrives at Tantegel Castle. A castle guard tells him that a dragon has captured the princess and is holding her captive in a distant cave. Determined to rescue the princess and defeat the Dragonlord, he discovers an ancient tablet hidden inside a desert cave; carved on the tablet is a message from Erdrick that outlines what the hero needs to do to follow in Erdrick's footsteps and defeat the Dragonlord.

main character

The hero: The hero, who comes from a land beyond Alefgard. Is a descendant of the legendary Erdrick. When the hero arrives, he does not appear to be a warrior – he arrives without weapons or armor – and is ignorant of the situation. The populace thinks his claim of the ability to defeat the Dragonlord are preposterous; however, King Lorik sees this ability, which give him hope and he aids the hero on his quest.

extra information:
-dragon quest system for almost everything
-Dragon quest menu system
-The game contains music from many comercial RPGs such as FF, dragon quest and more..
-Other dragon quest games graphics.

-Coordenades world map by pressing a in the world map

Install instructions

Download the game and rpgmaker vx ace rtp

Rtp Download


Dragon Warrior Remake VX ACE.rar 202 MB


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A cave was empty with nothing. battles are way to easy, everything is 1 hit with no battle backgrounds! one creature per battle with mountains you can walk through. I loved the overall custom tiles all through the game, and many events on each village! Why does the player start off with over something like 100k in gold and a most powerful weapon in the beginning?